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Revlon Style Masters Endless Control

Revlon Style Masters Endless Control

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Revlon Style Masters Endless Control is an innovative and different styling product. It has yellowish office when it is applied to the hair, but when it dries into the hair it will feel like a light wax. This makes it perfect for creating fullness and texture in medium to long hair. It neither greases or heavens on the hair, making it suitable for fine and thin hair. Use it as "primer" in the hair before setting up, or in long hair hair before applying wax. It provides easy control of the hair without feeling pinched so you can control it more easily.

  • For controlled styles, apply Style Masters™ Endless Control™ on damp hair to create the desired look.
  • For more textured looks, apply on damp hair and style as desired using a hair dryer to create a volume effect.
  • On short hair, apply hair styling wax like a gel to achieve a waxy effect.
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