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Revlon Uniq One Hair Treatment Green Tea

Revlon Uniq One Hair Treatment Green Tea

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Revlon Professional Uniq One Green Tea All In One Hair Treatment is a leave-in hair treatment spray that offers a host of benefits to all hair types.A unique concept in hair care, this leave-in treatment provides 10 benefits to all hair types, from shine and frizz control to colour fade protection and UVA/UVB protection.

  1. Repairs dry & damaged hair.
  2. Shine & frizz control.
  3. Heat protector when ironing and brushing hair.
  4. Silkiness & smoothness.
  5. Hair colour protector with UVA & UVB filters.
  6. Easier brushing & ironing hair.
  7. Incredible detangling capability.
  8. Long-lasting hair style.
  9. Split ends prevention.
  10. Adds volume and body.
  • On wet hair
    Spray from a distance of about 20 cm from hair.
    Detangle hair with a comb.
    Finish with the usual style: blow dry, straighten, or airdry.
    Use the usual finishing product.
    Sprays according to hair length: Long: 10-15 Medium: 7-12 Short: 6-8
  • On dry hair
    Spray the product onto the palm of your hand.
    Rub it in between your hands and apply to mid-lengths and ends.
    If necessary, refresh style with a straightener or dryer.
    Sprays according to hair length: Long: 4-6 Medium: 3-5 Short: 2-3
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